Chaozhou International Awarded Violin Exhibition & Seminar


In the early February of 2009, an exhibition of International Awarded Violins by the international renowned maker, Master Zhu Ming-Jiang, was co-hosted by the Department of Culture and the Musicians Association in the People’s Square of Chaozhou City. Standing Committee member, Mrs. Chen Li -Wen, and Mr. Zhan Zao-Zhong, Vice chairman of PCC had attended the opening ceremony. It exhibited 8 most reputable violins that crafted by Master Zhu and his students.  The violin that drawn most attention was crafted by Master Zhu, receiving the Gold Medal Award in the International Violin Making Competition in the United States in 2006. During the opening ceremony, four local musicians demonstrated and played great music with the awarded violins.   Master Zhu had also given a special introduction of Enjoyment and Taking Care of Violin.